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Incredible waste removal service from Rubbish Removal Soho - painless to reserve online, punctual arrival plus a fantastic price too! The staff members were such a pleasure to deal with; friendly, proficient, supportive and cognizant of my property - wholeheartedly suggest giving them a try!

  • Jack D.

Having numerous properties, I make use of RubbishRemovalSoho often. Their prices are reasonable and the service is top quality.

  • Michael P.

Builders waste clearance can't be tackled and disposed of in the same manner as ordinary waste. I knew this and also knew that I needed to get professionals in to do the work. I needed a team who were clued up about what they're doing. Junk Clearance Service Soho were clued up alright. They knew just what to do. The collection experts turned up and got on with the job right away. I thank the team for the tremendous amount of hard work they put in.

  • Gregg F.

RubbishRemovalSoho does waste clearance properly. Highly recommended!

  • M. Freeman

We had some issues with rubbish lying around our backyard left there by previous tenants, so we had to clear it out since the landlord wasn't helping us. This company did well and now we have a nice yard where we grow some flowers. Good results delivered by Waste Collection Soho with that rubbish removal task.

  • Edward E.

The staff from Junk Removal Service Soho were very impressive. When I hired them to take care of my office waste clearance, I wasn't sure what to expect. The team arrived on time and were eager to get to work. I showed them were the junk was and they got started. They carefully and safely removed every bag, all furniture and every box from the building but didn't take long to do it. They had everything moved within thirty minutes and took it all away to be disposed. I was amazed with this hard-working team and I recommend you hire them for your commercial rubbish collection.

  • Tara Ford

Builders waste removal is always going to be a problem for the average person, because the waste involved is not normal waste. I was really worried about getting rid of it because I knew that my regular rubbish collection wouldn't even look at it let alone take it away. Thankfully, I found out about Rubbish Disposal Soho and they offered me a full clearance service for a really great price. Now the waste has gone and my stress has gone with it!

  • Jack Reid

I can't believe how much wasted space was in my garage! Rubbish Clearance Services Soho helped me to get more space for my home by clearing out all of the rubbish in there, and I'm shocked at the results. I'll never let my garage get in such a state again - thanks for helping me!

  • Sarah P.

RubbishRemovalSoho are the best furniture removal team I have ever hired. In my time, I have had several companies help with this task but they did it best. They safely removed every item from the house and ensured that there weren't any breakages, damages to the building and most important of all, injuries. I can easily say their thorough collection and disposal services beat any other firm, so you should hire them by all means.

  • Melina Charles